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Easily Access Internet Content, Even When Traveling Abroad

Eventually you come to realize during your travels outside the USA that the internet no longer works the way it did in the US. You come to realize quickly that your Internet freedom is not the same anymore, and your rights to information and content feel stripped from you. Content is in other languages, shopping websites are restricted, and your subscriptions now wont work. Some of this material may come as a surprise and you are probably going to wonder how people in other countries don’t know or don’t realize that their Internet is limited, controlled, and censored.

What you are about learn here is how to restore your Internet Freedom while traveling or living abroad. It’s obvious that you’re realizing that you need to have a VPN to restore your Internet when traveling, but you want to keep reading so you miss out on what you can learn about when it comes VPNs restoring your Internet access.

When traveling abroad the Internet feels limited, controlled, and you might feel like you are trapped inside a smaller box. In this box there are barriers to getting to the information or content you are normally used to having. You feel like there are heavy chains weighing you down keeping you from being freely browsing the Internet freely. Search results come back to you in mixed languages, content is blocked, shopping websites restrict you from completing purchases, many of your subscription services are now broke and don’t work, and playing Internet video games isn’t as fun. Asking around and talking with fellow patriots living abroad you come to find out very quickly that using a VPN service is what solves these problems, but with so many to choose from which on is right for you? We aren’t going to pump you up with a bunch of sales hype and tell you that our service is the one for you, we will let you figure that out for yourself.

Learn How to Restore your Internet Freedom When Traveling Abroad

How to View the Internet in US English When Traveling

When you visit other countries you find it a surprise that that browsing the internet is not the same. The simple search engine results may appear in mixed languages. YouTube or other media sites show results in the native country language. Advertisements don’t make sense to you being in another language. Maps show up differently, barely distinguishable. Navigating the internet is a chore, frustrating, and painful.

You probably already know that with Nue Wave VPN you can browse the internet in other countries virtually as if you were in the USA, that’s why you are here, is it not? With our VPN service your search results will come up in US English instead of the language of the country you are visiting. Using a VPN service is like using a Wifi router at home, everyone who connects to the home router shares the IP address, and the router forwards messages sent out and messages it receives in and routes them to the correct Internet destination without interrupting the traffic. In the same way when you connect to a VPN its like connecting to a remote Wifi router located in the USA — you are in another country and your traffic is local to the USA. Your browsing is simpler, easier, and cleaner for your viewing, and your VPN service does all this for you.

What you probably are asking yourself is, are there other settings I need to do to make this work? The answer is not really, but yes. Using a VPN should clean up 95% of the language problem. But you can go a step further and virtually  clean up another 4% by doing this trick. Turn off location services for websites that don’t need to know your location. If this isn’t good enough you can go even a step further and change your computer timezone to a timezone in the USA and this will get you 0.5% closer to 100% english. The last 0.5% has to do with your internet accounts and whether you told them that you are living in a foreign nation. For instance if you updated FaceBook to say you are living in Korea then you will get a lot of Korean advertisements in Korean. If you change this to a US based address then you will stop getting the wrong advertisements.

You are probably thinking to yourself why is all this necessary to get my internet to work properly? There are a lot of reasons websites are trying to get this information from you, some are legitimate and some not.  A lot of it has to do with Internet marketing. Websites are trying to learn customer behaviors based on location, and then they use this information to target you with advertisements. In your case however, advertisements in another language are really annoying, as is other content in the wrong language. As you have probably figured out now there are lots tricks you need to learn to get the most out of the Internet when traveling abroad.

How to Restore Access to Content

There’s another catch to traveling and living abroad that you don’t know about until you are settled in and start resuming your regular habits. There’s an awful lot of content that is restricted or blocked in other countries. Some countries block social medias, some block access to news, some block movie and music services as a form of censorship or that they proxy certain information and redirect results to local providers. In any case you might find traveling or living abroad frustrating that you can’t access certain Internet content, turning on your VPN solves this problem.

Depending on the country you are visiting there are varying degrees of censorship. In some countries their censorship is public service — the content is not really illegal — they just filter information for public good. However, in other countries it maybe illegal to view certain media channels and the content is blocked for a reason. For instance, on the extreme end some countries block facebook and other news media to keep western ideas from propagating to their public’s minds. In other cases as subset of Kodi channels wont show up in certain countries because there might be one movie on that channel that is known to have sexually explicit content, so they censor the entire channel even though the majority of the content is not of that kind. Another inadvertent consequence of traveling and living abroad is that countries proxy content to make meaningful content in the native tongue show up first in search results. Inadvertently, content does not appear as it should, search results, advertisements, and content may appear in another language or you may be redirected to local content servers instead of the ones  of your intent.

What you are gong to find out for yourself is that with our VPN service you bypass this censorship and the proxying effects that make it difficult to use the internet. Your access will be completely restored and feel as though you are in the USA. As you are going to learn it is easy to forget that your VPN is turned on, and you should be careful as it is your responsibility to know the laws of your host country and make sure that the content that you access is in best keeping of their laws.  You are going to have thew power to surf the Internet without restriction and access to just about anything you can normally access in the USA, use it caution.

How to Bypass Shopping Restrictions

While living abroad you learn very quickly that the price for products in other countries tend to be a great deal more expensive. You then turn to the internet to buy stuff an have it shipped to you, only to find out that many of the online stores based in the USA won’t do business with foreigners, won’t ship to foreign countries, or they charge extra knowing that you are visiting their website from a foreign country. You think to yourself “but, I’m a patriot living abroad, I should be able to buy this stuff, and not pay a higher price.  I’m not trying to make a scam.” The online business owners say “yeah right, we’ve heard that before”. The simple fact is that many scam artist get companies to ship goods abroad at high shipping rates to have person to turn around and claim the product is broken or didn’t come and get the business to refund the money paying double the shipping to have the product shipped back. The simple solution is to not do business with foreigners or charge extra.

To get around this you can use a VPN, can you not? Not so fast, if you haven’t figured it out already, if you place an order for something using your VPN you can’t ship those things so easily to foreign countries. I’ll bet you are already thinking to yourself how you can ship things and bypass the system, and I’m sure you’ve got the solution. Simply mail your things to a relative or trusted friend and have them send it you or use mail forwarding services. As you discover the power of your VPN service  can shop to your hearts content — at the regular USA price — and have packages delivered to you in a foreign country when you don’t mind paying the shipping.

When you use our VPN service while traveling or living abroad you can shop the internet for goods and services and you won’t be blocked arbitrarily because the store doesn’t ship to your country. You will pay the regular US based price for the goods and won’t have to hassle for other ways around it.

How to Restore Access to your Subscriptions

Upon arrival in another country you might find out that a site you subscribe to does not provide services in another country. There are a few reasons for this. First, they might not have caching servers in your area, and might choose to block their content instead of you experiencing poor quality service. Second they may have agreements with media providers not to export content to other countries. Third, there’s the inadvertent censorship or proxying.

As you have probably guessed by now, you already know using a VPN service removes these barriers an you are not blocked by censorship or proxying. Using our VPN services helps you unlock content like gaming, movies, music and other streaming services that are intended for a US based audience.  What you didn’t know is that the VPN you use makes a big difference when streaming media. I could tell you right now that our VPN is the best for streaming media, but I wont, I’ll let you discover this for yourself and let you be the judge. If streaming media is important to you, you’ll want to read about our VPN and decide if our technology is what you need.

How to Make Internet Gaming Fun Again

When you connect your gaming console or computer for gaming to the Internet in a foreign country you are going to find out for yourself that either you can’t connect to US based gaming servers, or that the servers you connect to are in the host nation.  This means, as you have guessed, that the language people use on the server are in the host nation language, which means you can’t participate.

There are many first person shooter games, adventure quest games, and collaborative type games where you want to be able to read or listen to information in US English. However when playing from abroad there are three factors may keep you from the experience you had when you were playing in the US. One, some gaming companies don’t want invest in modifying their game for other languages and block other countries. Two, some companies may not want to export their games to other countries for better user experience in US English. Three some companies support other languages and they have proxy servers point you to the servers in your host country, and the language is in the host nation native tongue.

We aren’t going to bore you with another spiel that VPN solves this problem, as you already know that. Instead we want to ask you a question, what’s the most important thing a VPN should offer to ensure a rich gaming experience? Find out if we offer that below in deciding if our VPN service is right for you.


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Is our Cloud Based Architecture Right for You?

The “Cloud” is a fancy way of saying, “the heart of the internet”, these days Internet content and media providers are continuously consolidating servers to a monstrousness thing called the cloud. The cloud is a formation of data-centers across the globe that are of gigantic proportions and they host most of the World’s internet. Instead of creating a home-brew server farm located somewhere in farmland USA, we joined the ranks and serve you 100% out of the cloud. This means that your access to content is virtually faster than it would be if we hosted our own servers.  This is because that its extremely likely that the webpages and content you are accessing is already in the cloud in the same datacenter and that your access is nearly instantaneous.

Our cloud based architecture provides you fast, reliable, and a highly available VPN connection. We’ve engineered the best in class VPN service that won’t leave you disappointed. Our quality of service minded engineers have created a fault tolerant architecture using a our proprietary “infrastructure as code” algorithm that self heals and responds to trends. If a server is under-performing we terminate it, and spawn a new one automatically in an instant, and you won’t notice the drop in performance. The platform expands and contracts based on the amount of traffic running through our service which means our service is always ready when you want to connect. You always get what you pay for which is fast, reliable, and highly available VPN service at a great price.

The advantage of using our service is that it works every single time. You pay for the service and we deliver. When you are connected with us you won’t feel the burden of an overworked servers that can barely keep up with demand. Our service is so light weight you will forget its turned on due to our compression and other performance enhancing features that speed up your VPN service. As a matter of fact, we prefer that you leave your VPN on always, and we won’t boot you off arbitrarily because your connection is stale or inactive.

Our Service is Right for you if These Things Matter

  • You want Internet content in the US English language

  • You want to have Internet Freedom

  • You want to shop the US Internet when living abroad

  • You want to stream media and not wait for buffering due to a slow VPN

  • You want to win games, and not lose because of a failed VPN connection

Maybe you haven’t decide to join Nue Wave VPN yet, but the more you think about it, the more you are going to think you are missing out on our great product. Our service is unique, we only cater to US citizens. This means we only spend money on our architecture that makes your experience better. We don’t offer connections to other countries you never heard of, why would a US citizen actually need VPN service to another country? It doesn’t make sense, and why empty your wallet for access to a 150 countries you never heard of? In addition, we don’t have servers in all 50 states, again why would you need it? If you are connected to the US via a VPN, can you access the world Internet, or can you not? There’s nothing special about accessing your VPN from Chicago versus New York. Your connection is not faster, and neither are locations are cloud computing hubs. Maybe if you are a foreign national outside the USA you might want to access content in your home country in your language, but in this case our service is not for you, our service is for Americans who want content in the USA in English. Because we focus solely on providing Americans service you can probably guess that our service is going to provide you the fastest and most reliable service because our proprietary “Infrastructure as Code” says so.

At this point I think we are friends right? I know lots of things are going through your mind right now, as this was lots of information to absorb. I want to tell you person to person whats been itching at the back of your mind. How do I know which VPN provider to go with? The answer is simple, go with the one that sold you on believing theirs is the best for your needs. If you need access directly to Cairo Egypt, then you should get the one that gets you there best, if you need access to the USA then you should get the service that gets you there best. Chances are you only need access to the USA, and that is what we are here to provide.

Our Offer

We would like to earn your service.  We offer 30 days risk free with every subscription.  When we say cancel at anytime in 30 days for a full refund we mean it. There’s no hassle, no hidden button, no squirrelly email or phone number to call that doesn’t answer or respond. We provide you clear instructions on how to cancel — theres a button on your account page — and clearly make your account information available to you so you know when your 30 day risk free period expires.  We love and trust PayPal, we also think that you should too, while they cost a little more for processing, the service you get is great.  PayPal protects you the customer and the merchant at the same time minimizing the effect of scams on the internet.  If you pay with PayPal, rest assured that you are getting what you pay for or you will be refunded.

If you are not yet fully convinced that our VPN service meets your needs, thats OK, we welcome you try one of our competitor VPN services and convince yourself that you need a better VPN. Sooner or later you will get tired of tired of logging in 20 plus times a day to your VPN and realize what we are talking about, an “always on” connection is the way to go. 

What you get

You get a peace of mind that you aren’t missing out on something better. You get all the access you had when you were in the USA.  You get always on access, so you don’t forget, and you don’t even have to log in.  No hassle of username and passwords to connect once you have the VPN installed and your device profile loaded.

  • Get access to the internet in US English while living abroad
  • Unlock access to content
  • Unlock access to shopping
  • Unlock subscription services
  • Unlock access to gaming
  • Use a highly a fast, reliable, and fault tolerant VPN service
  • Be connected to the heart of the internet
  • Our offer is risk free for 30 days

How about giving us a try and restore your Internet Freedom?