Android VPN Install

Installing VPN on a Android is a simple process and only involves a few steps to get up and running. One thing people don’t know about VPN technology is
that VPNs provide you more than just freedom of access and they are a way to improve your personal internet security, read more.  This article will explain how to install the Open VPN Connect app on your Android Device which is the leading  open source VPN application for Android. Our VPN service uses the Open VPN architecture and it is compatible with Open VPN Connect which is why we are saving you up to 30% on the overhead charged by App stores. Our architecture provides provide fast, reliable, and inexpensive VPN access. Instead creating our own app, we use the best open source app available (Open VPN Connect) and concentrate on delivering you a stable, secure, and fast certificate gateway at a great price.

Step One: Get the App for your Android VPN Install.

Install the Open VPN Connect application.  To get this app, go to the Google Play store and search for “Open VPN Connect”.  Press the install button to download and install the application.  Once its been downloaded open the app for the first time, but stop there.  We just want to make sure the application has downloaded, installed properly, and running in the background.

Step Two: Select open


Step Three: Select accept

Step Four: Log in to create a Device Profile for your Android VPN Install

Log into your Nue Wave VPN account .

Step Five: Access your VPN account

Step Five: Select Register Devices

Step Six: Create a name for your Device Profile

Next give your key a title, select the device type for the key, and press the email key button.  Please be patient, while our server creates the key, updates your account, and emails you the key.  Normally your key will arrive to your inbox within 5 minutes.  Please also check your spam folder, in case your email server did not recognize our email address.

Step Seven: Open your email to get the Device Profile

Open your email and look for the email from  In the email open the attachment with the title you gave the key file and ending with .ovpn.  If you do not immediately see the email, please check your spam folder.

Step Eight: Open the OpenVPN Connect app

Step Nine: Select OVPN Profile

Step Ten: Select the file you downloaded to your Android

Step Eleven: See the Device Profile import success

Step Twelve: Start the VPN

Step Thirteen: Select I trust this Application, and OK

Step Twelve: Verify the Device Profile is working for your Android VPN Install