Built for Gaming

When traveling abroad you might have noticed that your Internet gaming may not work the same as it did in the US. You are rerouted to other servers and might be understand the content in another language. The solution is simple you need a VPN built for gaming.

Low Latency & Compression Built-In for Gaming

When you are gaming on the Internet you are consuming what is called real time traffic. Its a nearly constant stream of graphics and information which is important that it all arrives to your computer and device all at the same time.

When you are traveling over seas away from the US, you might be rerouted to servers in the local country where the language might be transformed into the local tongue, or the servers you used to connect to in the US might not even show up. If this is the case for you, then you already know you need a VPN.

Depending on your Internet connection a VPN could slow you down because of the added overhead from the encryption. This might cause loading issues or glitches while gaming. You probably already know that the quality of your VPN provider also matters. If the VPN server that you connect to has either a slow connection or the server is bogged down with other traffic, it’s going to impact your game.

We have designed our VPN to combat these problems. First we are cloud based, so our connection speed is faster than necessary. Second, our “infrastructure as code” architecture ensures that there is always enough computational resources for your connection. Third we built into our design some of the latest compression technologies to virtually speed up your connection. Combine these together and you get fast and reliable service built for gaming.

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