Cost Effective

Our mission is to provide you cost effective VPN service that you are going to love. We don’t spend your money on frivolous features that you don’t need. When all you need is fast, reliable, safe, and secure web access to the USA no matter where you are.

Why pay for Access to 150 Countries?

Is it cost effective for you to pay for access to countries you don’t require access to, we don’t think so. That’s why we don’t offer it. We very narrowly focus our attention on building a great architecture for Americans who want access to US based content.

You can probably guess that because of this mindset your interests are best looked after. We don’t resell your information to third parties and compromise your Internet Privacy. Instead we take the time to educate our users on what Privacy and Security matters they should be concerned about.

You might not have noticed that we have a lot of material that you should spend time reading before you decide on anything. Eventually you will come the the realization of what we are talking about concerning the typical practices of the industry and how we are different.f

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