Easy Internet Access

You may not know how easy internet access can be when traveling with our service until you start using it. When you start using our service you will realize how easy it is to use and you will forget that you are using our VPN service. One touch of a button is all that it takes to turn on once its configured.

Easy Internet Access is One Touch of a Button

Our VPN service works with one touch of a button. Once you have it configured all it takes is a simple touch of a button. You wont be bothered for your username and password every time you want to use our service. To make it even easier you can enable settings on your device so that it it always on and you don’t even need to think about it. Its practically done for you.

We don’t sell your information to third parties, and we don’t use an application that asks you to select from 150 locations where you want to connect. We only provide service to the USA, so there is only two options “On” or “Off”. You can decide for yourself when you want to be protected.

We proudly support the use the open source apps “Open VPN” & “Tunnelblick” which has been peer reviewed and does not collect your browsing information or send you advertisements about offers or products. In addition our servers don’t capture this information either. There’s no history of your browsing habits stored by us, so even if the authorities asked us to provide it, we can’t, it doesn’t exist.

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