Enhanced Privacy

You probably already know that Internet Privacy is becoming more of a concern for most people. Recent legislation has stripped you of some of the Privacy rights you once had. Your ISP or Mobile carrier can sell your traffic and browsing habits to third parties without your consent and without your knowledge.

Untraceable IP Address

The way to protect yourself is with an VPN provider who masks your IP address with their own, so your private browsing is not known to the public.

Sooner or later people are going to grow tired of the lack of privacy they have on the Internet and will turn to solutions that protect them such as our VPN. What’s even more troublesome is that if you don’t read the fine print on the VPN service you sign up with, they too might turn around and sell your information and they don’t have to directly disclose whether they do it or not. We don’t log your traffic, and since we don’t log anything about your browsing, there’s nothing for us to sell.

You can try to scour the Internet and research all this for yourself, but why? You can spend time reading reviews about VPNs — which happen to be written by VPN providers about themselves — or you can read about it here and cross check our facts to save you time. There’s a ton of misinformation out there and self serving articles, be careful what you trust.

While a VPN helps increase your Internet Privacy, you are going to want to learn more because there’s more to it than just a VPN.

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