Open Source Apps

We encourage the use of the best-in-class open source apps available on the market today. These apps are known to be light weight, stable, highly secure, and easy to use. One touch of a button is typically what turns our VPN service on and gives you access.

Why Empty Your Wallet on Proprietary Apps?

A great deal of VPN companies spend an extraordinary amount of money on making their app stand out in the app stores. It doesn’t make sense when the app stores charge the developers a whopping 30% cut a the check out. Who’s really feeling the pain, is it the developer or is it you who is buying the product?

We support open source apps that use the OPVN backend architecture. Since these applications are free for you to use and download from the App stores, we don’t have to charge you extra money to cover this margin. The open source applications work great, so we thought why should we create one of our own? Branding came to mind, but we didn’t think that a 30% cut was worth the branding and have steered clear of App stores.

With our service we point your to the best open source apps to use with our service, you download those separately and save yourself a ton of money. We recommend ones that have been peer reviewed and are known to be highly secure and without leaking or the logging of your information to third parties so you don’t have to worry.

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