Internet Security

Are Your Personal Internet Security Practices Sufficient?

Your life, your family’s life, and lives of the people you care about could be transformed in a second for the worse. A single click on your smartphone can make a world of difference in your finance, reputation, and your peace of mind. If you surf the Internet without a VPN it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when your data will be compromised. When it happens to you, everything you hold dearly could change in an instant. Your bank account, your reputation, and your spirit are at risk of being broken in a moment. It is abundantly easy to steal someones information. It’s easy to steal the very information that keeps you strong, secure, and happy in your life.

What you are about learn here is how to protect your reputation, finances, and stability by practicing your Internet Security.   Whether you are a professional or average joe you are going to want to read this material so you wont miss out on the few things you can do protect yourself.

When you start practicing this stuff you are going to realize how easy it was to protect yourself and your family all along and have peace of mind that doing a few things makes all the difference. We have created a free e-Guide so that you can start taking action today on some of these things that matter most. At this point, I could also tell you that you are going to want to sign up for our VPN service, but I won’t, I’ll let you discover that for yourself by reading below.

Learn How to Increase your Internet Security and Have a Peace of Mind

It’s obvious that you’re realizing that you need to have a VPN service to ensure your Internet Security. What you may not yet know is that our VPN service keeps your Internet Secure, so people can not see, detect, nor decipher your internet traffic to steal your personal information.  When your VPN is turned on hackers and unscrupulous prying eyes can not peek at your traffic, when turned off they can through a variety of listening methods. Using our VPN service can help you increase your Internet security and you can even increase it more with some best practices we share with you. This makes it safer for you to conduct bank transactions, internet shopping cart transactions, and just browse the internet with no one being able to sniff your traffic or steal your traffic.

What is Internet Security?

When you think about your Internet Security, think about all the things about yourself that you might want to protect. Your personal computing devices hold lots of information about you and your finances. Your devices hold your records, documents, pictures, movies, music, and so much more near to you. How much of an impact to your life would there be if someone could either steal this information, or gain access to your device and maliciously delete or corrupt the information you have stored. What would the impact to you be if someone were to masquerade as you and send phony emails from your account spamming your friends, family, co-workers, or business associates?

Sooner or later in life people become more conscious about protecting their finances, reputation, life’s work, and information. Either they have suffered the consequences of a loss of this sorts, or they come to value that they have not and want to keep it that way. People who work in professional careers, people climbing the ladder of the workforce, people who are self starters, people who are independently wealthy, and people who are nearing retirement usually see the value in protecting themselves which is the essence of Internet Security.

How to know if Your Internet Security Practices are Sufficient?

You probably already know that I am going to ask you if you use a VPN and if you answer yes your Internet Security Practices are in sufficient and if your answer is no then they are not sufficient. I am not going to ask the question though because its too obvious. A VPN is really only the starting point for safeguarding your information, your personal practices also matter.

You may not know if your personal Internet Security practices are up to snuff for safeguarding your personal information until you discover the information for yourself.  We have a few questions to ask yourself so you can gauge how on par your practices are, answer the questions below yes or no.

  1. Do you open emails forwarded to you and download the attachments?
  2. Do you know what most cyber attacks have in common?
  3. Do you connect to WIFI without a VPN?
  4. Do you know how strong your passwords are?
  5. Do you know when you updated the software on your computer or personal device last?
  6. Do you log into your web accounts from computers or devices that you do not physically own?

You probably already figured out that If you answered no to any of these questions then its in your best interest to learn more about how to increase your Internet Security. The protection of your personal information is important to us, and we don’t want to leave you hanging, so we have created an e-Guide that explains these for you.

How Your Information can be Stolen Without You Knowing

You may not know that no matter how you connect to the Internet there is a way to eavesdrop your connection and read all the information you transmit. This is true for wired, wireless, and WIFI connections. Although attacks are most common on WIFI — because they are cheap and easy to attack — it doesn’t mean that the other two are without vulnerabilities. One of the primary ways attackers gain access to your communications is the man-in-the-middle attack. They trick you into believing that your connection is normal, and they send and receive all your communications on your behalf as if they were you — all the while reading your traffic learning your personal information.

Unless someone has a specific reason to attack you personally you might not ordinarily be a target at your home. People who carry out these sort of attacks normally do it where there is lots of traffic, and on shared WIFI because its very easy to collect and assess multiple users until they find an easy target.  People are easy targets if they do not use a VPN and they don’t pay attention to key signals that let them know their connection is being monitored. The attacker is free at this point to take what ever it is they are after.

How Hackers Attack Your Devices

You probably already know that there as many ways to attack a device as there are fish in the sea, is there not? What you don’t know is that a vast majority of attacks have a few things in common. You don’t have to protect yourself against every attack, and you only need to do a few things to protect yourself against most attacks.  First, most attacks require the user to be tricked into doing some kind of action. Secondly, some attacks take advantage of a security flaw. Thirdly, many attacks are aimed at getting your passwords or financial information. If you learn how these attacks work you can prevent most of them from ever occurring.

Unless there’s something special about you, like you are wealthy, you are in government or politics, or a business leader there’s not much of a reason for you to specifically attacked as an individual. If you are then, having a very comprehensive Internet Security plan is a must.  For the majority of people we don’t have a specific reason for someone to attack us personally and a few things that matter most will greatly decrease your odds of being attacked.

How to Protect Yourself from Attacks

Most attacks take advantage of users who can be tricked into doing something innocent that enables them to be attacked unknowingly by unsophisticated hackers. These are hackers who learned a few tricks on the internet and know enough to be a nuisance. They are either doing it for the sport of it or for criminal intent. It doesn’t require them to know a single thread of programming, and all it takes is for them to download some hacker software to do damage. Since a majority of hackers are of this nature, it makes sense to protect yourself from them first.

How Hackers Attack

You probably already know that the foremost common way to implement an attack is to trick the user into clicking on something to download in a email, text message, or social network. Most people have learned to be weary about what they click on. Chances are you know not to download stuff people send you that you did not specifically ask for. If you do download something you know to check it with an antivirus before opening it.

What you didn’t know is that a slightly more sophisticated way to get at your information is over WIFI.  When connected to WIFI anyone with a connection to the same WIFI can read the information on that network if its not encrypted. If the WIFI is not set up properly, or an attacker spoofs the WIFI there’s no way for you to know. Lurking in the shadows, parked in a car outside, or just in the same general area an attacker could be reading everything you are sending and receiving on your device. Having a VPN in this instance is what can protect you.

  • WIFI is inherently not secure
  • Hacking is easy
  • Hacking does not require special knowledge
  • Hacking tools are freely available

Play the video by NatGeo to see how easy it is to be hacked.

If you thought that hacking was only for criminally brilliant people you were wrong.  The fact is that anyone can do it with little to no training. It does not require you to be a programmer to hack a system these days; it’s as simple as downloading a software program, and clicking a few buttons to steal your information.

What Hackers are After

Most of the time hackers are trying to get your password. Once they have this key piece of information the gateway to your device and your information is theirs for the taking. Or they might want your financial information to make fraudulent transactions on your behalf. Would you notice on your credit card statement a reoccurring charge for $7.34 from Donald’s, you might just overlook it and think you ate at McDonalds. In either case, how much greater could the damage be, and now you are victim of identity theft, how much time is it going to take to recover your losses?

Anyone with a computer can capture traffic over the air and steal your information. This is especially true for WIFI routers that were not properly set up for security. Do you connect to public WIFI and log into your email, social account, and other websites? If so you are in danger of giving thieves access to your bank account.  Huh? What does my e-mail, social account, or other websites have to do with my bank account, you asked? It’s probable that one of the websites that you log into may have not yet upgraded their security and the theives collected your username and password.

How to Prevent These Attacks

You are probably starting to realize that protecting yourself begins with you and your habits. The very least we recommend is that you adopt these four habits. Either do not click on random links or download messages in your email, texts, and social medias or scan them for viruses first. Update your device software as soon as patches become available. Do not connect to WIFI unless you know for certain that it is set up properly and that you use a VPN. Put in to practice good password security. Finally, learn about how to know what websites you can trust on the Internet. We have complied detailed explanations of these to share with you along with some additional tips not mentioned here in an e-Guide “Seven Habits of Cyber Secure People” available for you to view or download.

Nue Wave VPN uses the latest generation of strong encryption.  When you are using your smartphone or computer out in the public on wifi there are many security vulnerabilities. The common man-in-the-middle attack is simple to do for unsophisticated hackers. They pretend to be a WiFi hot spot, forwarding your traffic, but all the while sniffing your traffic to steal your username, passwords, and private information.  Using Nue Wave VPN service protects you from these types of attacks and keeps your traffic secure.

What Hackers Can Do with Your Information

Having collected your information, they use the same username and password they collected to log into all the commonly known banks. They are hunting the Internet to see what other sites they can log into using your username and password. They pray on the fact most people use the same password for every account.  If they log into your bank account because they stole your credentials from another site, they can make purchases on your behalf that can’t be traced, can they not?

With your username and password to your bank account they can hide out, and discover more information about you.  Learning your personal information from social media, and establish new email accounts on your behalf. They could establish a payment account, link your credit cards to it, and send gifts from eBay to fake people. How often do you check your statements online before you would find this information out?

We hope by now you are scared cyber strait. If not, play this video.

Although the video above displays a group of brilliant hackers who were able to steal the reporters information, don’t be fooled, they were using freeware tools that makes this scenario criminally easy. Anyone, literally anyone, that is willing to follow a simple guide can do this. The problem is that this gets easier every day, as more hackers write about their exploits on the internet.

If you want to protect your private financial information, your reputation, and have a peace of mind then its time that you act now by protecting your online activity.  If you don’t its not a matter of if you get hacked, its when you get hacked.

Touch a Pic to Learn how Nue Wave VPN has you Protected.

Is our Cloud Based Architecture Right for You?

The “Cloud” is a fancy way of saying, “the heart of the internet”, these days Internet content and media providers are continuously consolidating servers to a monstrousness thing called the cloud. The cloud is a formation of data-centers across the globe that are of gigantic proportions and they host most of the World’s internet. Instead of creating a home-brew server farm located somewhere in farmland USA, we joined the ranks and serve you 100% out of the cloud. This means that your access to content is virtually faster than it would be if we hosted our own servers.  This is because that its extremely likely that the webpages and content you are accessing is already in the cloud in the same datacenter and that your access is nearly instantaneous.

Our cloud based architecture provides you fast, reliable, and a highly available VPN connection. We’ve engineered the best in class VPN service that won’t leave you disappointed. Our quality of service minded engineers have created a fault tolerant architecture using a proprietary “infrastructure as code” algorithm that self heals and responds to trends. If a server is under-performing we terminate it, and spawn a new one automatically in an instant, and you won’t notice the drop in performance. The platform expands and contracts based on the amount of traffic running through our service which means our service is always ready when you want to connect. You always get what you pay for which is fast, reliable, and highly available VPN service at a great price.

The advantage of using our service is that it works every single time. You pay for the service and we deliver. When you are connected with us you won’t feel the burden of an overworked servers that can barely keep up with demand. Our service is so light weight you will forget its turned on due to our compression and other performance enhancing features that speed up your VPN service. As a matter of fact, we prefer that you leave your VPN on always, and we won’t boot you off arbitrarily because your connection is stale or inactive.

Our Service is Right for you if These Things Matter

  • You want protect your finances

  • You want to protect your personal devices

  • You want to keep your information safe

  • You want to a VPN that won’t slow your Internet down

Maybe you haven’t decide to join Nue Wave VPN yet, but the more you think about it, the more you are going to think you are missing out on our great product. Our service is unique, we only cater to US citizens. This means we only spend money on an architecture that makes your experience better. We don’t offer connections to other countries you never heard of, why would a US citizen actually need VPN service to another country? It doesn’t make sense, and why empty your wallet for access to a 150 countries you never heard of? In addition, we don’t have servers in all 50 states, again why would you need it? If you are connected to the US via a VPN, can you access the world Internet, or can you not? There’s nothing special about accessing your VPN from Chicago versus New York. Your connection is not faster, and neither are locations are cloud computing hubs. Maybe if you are a foreign national outside the USA you might want to access content in your home country in your language, but in this case our service is not for you, our service is for Americans who want content in the USA in English. Because we focus solely on providing Americans service you can probably guess that our service is going to provide you the fastest and most reliable service because our proprietary “Infrastructure as Code” says so.

At this point I think we are friends right? I know lots of things are going through your mind right now, as this was lots of information to absorb. I want to tell you person to person whats been itching at the back of your mind. How do I know which VPN provider to go with? The answer is simple, go with the one that sold you on believing theirs is the best for your needs. If you need access directly to Cairo Egypt, then you should get the one that gets you there best, if you need access to the USA then you should get the service that gets you there best. Chances are you only need access to the USA, and that is what we are here to provide.

Your Internet Security Just Got Better

When comparing VPN providers please read the fine print of what you are purchasing. There are no laws stating that a VPN provider can’t resell your browsing information without your knowing. Unless they explicitly tell you that they don’t sell your information then you should probably assume that they are selling your information to third parties. This would sort of defeat one of the main reasons to use a VPN in the first place, which is to protect your personal information and browsing habits.

Nue Wave VPN makes the pledge to you that we do not log your VPN browsing, so theres nothing interesting to resell to third parties.  We do not share your account related information either.  Your information in your VPN is known to anyone other than you.

The encryption we use is so good the government can’t even see your traffic, nor trace it back to you. In addition we never log any of your internet VPN traffic.

Our Offer

We would like to earn your service.  We offer 30 days risk free with every subscription.  When we say cancel at anytime in 30 days for a full refund we mean it. There’s no hassle, no hidden button, no squirrelly email or phone number to call that doesn’t answer or respond. We provide you clear instructions on how to cancel — theres a button on your account page — and clearly make your account information available to you so you know when your 30 day risk free period expires.

We love and trust PayPal, we also think that you should too. While they cost a little more for processing, the service you get is great.  PayPal protects you the customer and the merchant at the same time minimizing the effect of scams on the internet. Paying with PayPal you can rest assured that you are getting what you pay for or you will be refunded.


    • Your Internet Security is worth upgrading
    • Your financial security is at risk
    • Hacking is easy for anyone to do
    • Your Internet is is not secure
    • We are cloud based so your Internet speed wont be affected by your VPN
    • Our offer is risk free for 30 days

How about giving us a try?