VPN Sharing

Our VPN sharing plans offer you the ability to share your spare device profiles with others. It was designed so that one could protect oneself and their family, but we thought why not friends too. If you are protected but your family is not, couldn’t it also impact you?

VPN Sharing With Your Family and Friends

You are probably asking yourself why would we even offer this a such a steep discount? As you can probably guess, your security and privacy is only as good as the weakest link in not just you but your family. What if your significant other were to get hacked but not you, is there an impact also to you? Do you share finances with someone by either marriage or by having a roommate (split the rent). What if they were hacked and someone got to their finances because their security practices weren’t as good as yours. Are you linked to them in another way where you too could be compromised.

Often times is the case where you as individual needs to make a decision that’s best for the group. You’ve done the research and know what’s best. It’s better for the entire group to be protected and not just yourself. Helping others learn more about their Internet Security and Privacy is a life skill that you can pass to others.

Our VPN Sharing feature save you and your family money by not needing to purchase VPN service for each individual.

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